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SeaStar HK6400A-3 Steering Kit System w/ 1.7 Helm, Pivot Cylinder & Hydraulic OilThe world’s most popular outboard hydraulic system offers smooth, super-efficient steering for today’s high performance hulls. It’s the OEM choice for center consoles, cruisers and more.

Steering Kit System w/ 1.7 Helm, Pivot Cylinder & Hydraulic Oil

SKU: 1-HK6400A3


Single and dual non-power-assisted outboard engines up to 350 HP (700 combined HP for counter-rotating duals) that have ABYC standard engine tilt tube. Ideal for cruisers, runabouts, center console boats, offshore fishing boats and many more. Suitable for speeds up to 60 MPH and dual station use (with purchase of extra helm, hose & fittings). Allows independent engine tilt in dual engine installations. Dual engines require purchase of a tie bar kit and extra hardware.

Helm and cylinder equipped with adjustable O-ring fittings to simplify the installation process and allow for simple reorientation of the fittings after installation.


5 turns lock-to-lock with 1.7 cu. in. helms

Compact hElm witha 4-7/16″ footprint; needs 3″ dash hole (Tilt requires larger dash cut out)

Standard 3/4″ tapered steering shaft

Factory swaged HO51xx hoses sold separately


Kit Includes:

HH52713 – SeaStar Helm 1.7 cu. in.

HC53453 – SeaStar Pivot Cylinder

HA5430 (2) – Hydraulic Oil (1 Liter)

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