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DIY cobia tower is for the at home fabricator that wants to build his own custom looking cobia tower. This kit will come with all pipes pre bent, only cutting and welding will be required. The picture with the helm box and cushions is a deluxe version, contact us for pricing if you would like these additional features.

The deluxe version includes : fiber glass helm box, backrest and seat cushion, as well as additional frame work and hardware that is needed.



DIY Cobia Tower (Crows Nest) kit


This kit includes everything you need to build your very own Cobia Tower. There are several ways to design the tower. The layout and design of the tower is up to you! Instructions are not included. All precut/bent pipes will be labeled.  We include all structure necessary to fabricate a folding cobia tower.

Pipe Grade: 1-1/2″ schedule 40 (1.9 O.D.) AnodizedAluminum

***Designed to build up to 40″ top hoop

What’s Included:

2 )Piece upper hoop

2) additional support bars

2 )Front legs designed for Folding the tower

2)Rear legs

4) Round 4″ pads

4) Ear mounts

4) Female pins

4) Tulip style rod holders

4) Tulip style rod holder liners

Stainless Steel hardware


*Shipping is not included on DIY kits! There will be a second invoice sent to you for shipping cost!*

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