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Helm-SeaStar Rm 2.4, Hydraulic Steering

Efficient, safe and reliable. Easy to install. Compact and stylish.

2.4 Rear Mounted Helm

SKU: 1-HH52623

Helm-SeaStar RM 2.4 – Hydraulic Steering

Fits 3” dash hole for round look with retro fit of 4-1/2” dash hole for standard SeaStar square look.


  • helm rotor supported by 3 roller bearings
  • ball bearing piston race,
  • simplified integrated metal construction
  • field replaceable shaft seal
  • 1/4” NPT port threads
  • internal pressure relief valve
  • front of dash fill
  • lock valve for positive rudder lock
  • patented bleed tubes and internal air pocket to eliminate oil expansion overflow
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